Swear London Footwear

I was invited by the legendary footwear brand SWEAR London to develop the branding and packaging for their new born brand MySwear. In the meanwhile, SWEAR London is becoming a high-end footwear brand and needed strong positioning, so a rebranding of the mother brand was also required. A couple of years ago, SWEAR designed a sneaker-classic shoe hybrid that would look cool with tight jeans and t-shirts, a bold and minimal look of the early 00´s. Today SWEAR is still one of the leading hybrid footwear in the world of fashion. SWEAR is not gold. It’s not purple. SWEAR is black and it’s white. And sometimes is red too. It’s really exciting to see the logo being applied to stationary, bags, boxes, website, and obviously on the footwear.

Client Swear London
Role Rebranding, Positioning, Packaging
Year 2015
Product Photography by Joel Bessa
Web and 3d by Swear London’s team